I got introduced to Spousecare team through Cognizant, as my wife works there. It was very nice experience and much needed for me as I have tried various ways after relocating to Denmark but nothing has worked for me during initial 3 months. But when I started taking one on one sessions with Bettina from Spousecare team, she made me feel confident about my English accent. She also helped me to decide on one profile which has better probability to get me hired as I have worked in 3 different domains in my 7 years career (which was my strong as well as weak point). Then we started working on my CV, Cover Letter, Coffee Meetings, Elevators pitch and Mock interviews step by step and finally it worked for me. The sessions related to Danish Culture, Linkedin profile, Job Interview Preparation mainly helped me during my interview as the interviewer was curious to know whether I understand the Danish culture, weaknesses in my personality and my motivation. I feel that the consistent efforts, positive attitude, patience, strong technical & psychological support from Spousecare team helped me and will help you in your job search as well.

Tanmay Mukin, IN

I am/have been very happy with Spousecare, it has been very welcoming and helpful with getting adjusted and settled better in Denmark, understanding the culture, meeting new people and guidance with the job finding process. Thank you for everything and looking forward to the new activities and events!

Anna Ivan, RO

Thanks to Spousecare, I felt I had competent support right from the start of our move to DK. The combination of information about Danish culture & society, leisure activities and one-to-one support in finding a job in DK make Spousecare an excellent programme/service. I am very grateful to have been able to participate in the programme and to be part of the network.

Marta Schulze, GE

I am so grateful to Spousecare. You were the first and only network that I had when I moved to Denmark. Your entire team especially my counsellor ( Charlotte Juul ) made me in love with Denmark – the beauty, system and functions of Danes culture and the people – honesty, simplicity and humility and many many more. you were so much loving, supportive, welcoming and professional. I can’t express more in words, I can say “THANK YOU” and love you guys ! 💕❤️ 😊

Imrong Akum, IN

I got really professional support from Spousecare, fast and effectiv e communication. Got a job according to my profeccion and expectations in short time.

Oleg Oldenburger, RU

Spousecare is the most professional, diligent and heartwarming service I have experienced so far, out of the three within the last few years over Europe. Thank you, especially Anette, for your excellent service, and your kindness, in a time of vulnerability. 

Nadine Balazs, GE

It was a pleasure to communicate with Spousecare team and especcially Charlotte who helped me a lot with finding a job in Denmark and with other practical issues.

Vasily Smirnov, RU

I had a wonderful experience with Spousecare and getting settled in Copenhagen. The team went above and beyond and helped with all kinds of questions, from job hunting to giving birth in DK. They also adapted really well to “covid times” with their virtual workshops.

I highly recommend them! 

Ann Terry, US

Spousecare was like that friendly classmate who showed you around on your first day in school. I particularly appreciated their flexibility and tailored approach, allowing me to set the pace knowing that I can always fall back on them whenever I get stuck. I did have quite a few practical and often ignorant questions but both Anette and Sys answered all of them with patience and without judgement. It’s clear that they want to help and for me they certainly helped me get a foothold in Denmark. I’ll make sure to stay in touch!

Onno Romijn, NL

My wife and I have relocated internationally 7 times, including twice to Denmark. Spousecare is the most valuable help we have ever received, by a large margin. The job search help was outstanding, and led directly to me finding work very quickly. I highly recommend Spousecare to anyone relocating to Denmark, and to any Danish organization hiring international talent. 

Kevin Scott, UK

Spousecare was instrumental in my relocation to Denmark! Thanks to Anette and her team I was able to understand the Danish labor market and through their guidance, connections and counseling received a wonderful job offer in 3 months from arrival. I couldn’t have done it without them.
I have also met some of our closest friends in Denmark through this network. Thank you Spousecare!

Maria Amanda Guillermo, Venezuela

Anette was amazing from day one. She exudes pride for Denmark and reaafirmed all the positive things I read about it prior to our move, while still being sensitive to the challenges of living here. The services were tailored specifially for me and I am grateful to have the support of the network.

Kimberly Caddel, US

I met very nice and friendly people in the Spousecare network. I didn’t expect such a warm and attentive relation to me. Anette was the first local person who helped me feel confident in Denmark. She gave a very good impression about country and citizens, and she was the one who believed in me and gave me a huge support while helping me to find a job. I was amazed by her energy and endless care of my comfort here. I benefited a lot from the Spousecare program. Thank you very much for your support.
Irina Selivanova, Russia

I met very nice and friendly people in the Spousecare network. I didn’t expect such a warm and attentive relation to me. Anette was the first local person who helped me feel confident in Denmark. She gave a very good impression about country and citizens, and she was the one who believed in me and gave me a huge support while helping me to find a job. I was amazed by her energy and endless care of my comfort here. I benefited a lot from the Spousecare program. Thank you very much for your support.
Irina Selivanova, Russia

Anette and Spousecare are professionals and have been a great support in helping me settle well in Denmark. Regular meetings and the events helped me find a job of my choice within 6 months of arrival. Highly recommend Spousecare.

Swati Nagrath, India

Spousecare is a great network to meet people, to have a nice time with others and make some group activities. 

Maria Agustina Ramirez

Spousecare are great at giving you that first much needed boost when you move to a new country. I was offered valuable job seeking advice, some valuable tips about how to better integrate within the Danish culture and most importantly I got to make my first real friend through attending Spousecare networking/training events. All in all a very good experience.
Elina Kanela, Latvia

I am glad to be part of Spousecare. Especially, I am thankful to Sys for her support and guidance.
Swaty Tyagi, India

Spousecare was an excellent choice of support for me when moving to DK. Their services were tailor-made to my individual needs in succesfully finding a job in a hospital.
Thank you Anette and Spousecare!!!

Gabrielle Lindenau, Austria

A big thank yo to Anette for such a professional and personable service. It helped me and my family personally feel more settled.
Samantha Rigby, UK

Anette has been and still is an invaluable support to me and my family, she goes above and beyond the call of duty to support your life in Denmark. I can honestly say without her I probably would of wanted to leave but her support and guidance throughout has just been nothing short of amazing. I feel everyone should become a member of Spousecare.
Caitriona Birkenheim, UK

Being part of the Spousecare programme meant that I was immediately part of a network from day one. This was extremely important for me and really helped me to feel that I wasn’t alone and got me out of the house! Anette gave me the best insight into the Danish job market to make my applications a success and gave me the motivation to keep going 🙂
Sheetal Premdjee, UK

Spousecare was a great support system for me. When I was new in Denmark and was looking for information, Spousecare provided me all the relevant information about Denmark, Danish culture, Job search, LinkedIn and arranged workshops where I could meet other spouses and could socialise. I was provided with an experienced and friendly job counsellor.
Rahul Oswal, India

I enjoyed very much the support I received from spousecare. I hope everyone that comes here as a spouse will get the same support. The experience you all have especially in the job industry is fantastic and very beneficial to foreigners.
Claudia Torlen, USA

Thanks to Spousecare I was able to adapt to new a culture both professionally and personally Moving away from home can be tough, so it was nice to have someone to guide you through.
Emma Raby, Australia

While I was comfortable with the technical aspects of my industry when I came to Denmark, it was through Spoousecare where I learned many cultural distinctions and conventions that I think greatly helped in settling in and continuing my career here. I’d be happy to chat with anyone about how Spousecare helped my wife and me.
Steven Price, AUS

I am glad SYBO games provided us with such a great, helpful program. I wish all companies can supply this service to all their newly foreign employees. Because it was great.
Thank a lot 🙂

Salma Hamed, Egypt

would strongly recommend this to anyone coming to Denmark. The safety net of someone to look through your CV and application letter is invaluable for all newcomers.
Marjahan Begum, UK & BGD

Practical approach, concreteness and focus on the personal needs: that is what I liked most of the Spousecare services. You have the impression that they work to help you finding your place in the Danish society, not that they have pre-formed patterns in which you have to fit. I am extremely grateful to the coaches and satisfied with the program.
Chiara Marmugi, Italy

would strongly recommend this to anyone coming to Denmark. The safety net of someone to look through your CV and application letter is invaluable for all newcomers.
Chiara Marmugi, Italy

I have only positive praise for the Spousecare team. Your team has given me the resources and confidence to make Denmark home. Not every traveling spouses needs are the same and I value the level of personal service that was given to me from SpouseCare. Thank you for all the connections you have helped me make!
Kristie Henry, US

When we moved here we were really excited but soon I started feeling disconnected.Anette really helped me in making me feel comfortable and her tips and tricks helped me cope up well.Her another team member Charlotte was really a big support when I had to look at things for my new assignment. I really feel Anette and her team is doing a great job.
Shipra Khandelwa, India

My spousecare consultant was a great support in getting settled in Copenhagen and in finding a job. Thank you!
Katrin Schumacher, Germany

The Spousecare not only helped me get a job but also to know and understand cultural differences in employment in relation to my country. I am grateful to each meeting, advice and sharing knowledge and network
Esther Rocha, Brazil

Spousecare has been pivotal in helping me to settle into a new country with a completely different culture to what I am used to. Through spousecare I have created my own network and made many new friends. Coming to Denmark could have been a very lonely experience but spousecare gave me a warm welcome and put me in touch with others like me.
Nazia Glazier, UK

Our company has been working with Spousecare through a network connection and in 2013 they helped us find a very skilled IT-supporter that already had residence in Denmark. We are very satisfied with the quality of the candidate who is still with us and doing a tremendous job.
We will not hesitate using Spousecare network in the future if we need to find new candidates.

Jeppe Højrup

HR Business Partnet, HR, CMC Biologics A/S

I became involved with Spousecare after I had been in Copenhagen for 2 years. I was struggling with finding the right direction in my job search, especially since I work in a unique and challenging field. Spousecare inspired me, guided me, helped me to expand my network and make connections, and gave me new confidence in my professional life.
Kim Hoff, US

Anette made our relocation feasible and extremely exciting! She made me feel welcomed and helped me discover how I could fit in my new city. I moved here with my newborn son and an out of the box career path. I received customized guidance and support on both those fronts and more. I also recently booked my first contract here!
Christine Khalifah, Canada

Anette has been very helpful with all our questions. She is very resourceful and usually gets back to us via email within a day or less. Our toddler had a cavity when we first arrived in Copenhagen and Anette managed to set up an appointment with the dentist almost immediately. We are happy with Spousecare’s services and awesome Christmas potluck!
Angeline Tan, US

At the start of my Spousecare programme I had an idea for a business, but with the help of Bodil, Anette and Sys, at the end of the programme I have an active business that is making money. I am very grateful to Spousecare for their help.
Jennifer Craig, UK

This was the first time living in another country and my beginning in Denmark was very difficult. But my personal consultant Sys Vecht, and the Spousecare team did a lot of things to get me started here. Several months later, a lot of things are moving forward for me thanks to them!
Spousecare is a must for a good start in new country!

Cynthia Salgado, France

I have been glad on the practical input received (e.g. addresses for various family shopping needs, cleaning help,…) which helped me save a lot of time in a period where time was even more scarce than usual.
Elena (150% working husband, 2 children, Switzerland)

Very professional services and support to get a great start as a spouse in Copenhagen!
Birgit Saul, Germany

The Spousecare program is a wonderful service! I had tremendous support from everyone involved and met some wonderful people along the way. The focus on individual needs makes this service so successful and helpful. I can’t say enough good things about Spousecare!
Janet Grant, Canada

My wife and I moved to Denmark from the US a little over seven months ago. This is our first time living abroad. I can’t thank the Spousecare team enough for all of their assistance in making this transition as painless as possible. I found the job search and Danish culture / workplace part of the program particularly helpful. Thanks!
Collin Waters, UK

Since we introduced career counselling by Spousecare to our spouses returning from an international assignment, our satisfaction among both expats and spouses have increased significantly. The purpose is twofold. We care for the family and acknowledge that you may need assistance in mapping your competencies and finding a job after a period abroad. By sending this signal to our expats, we are also building our future pipeline of mobile employees. When learning that other families benefit from the holistic support provided and the risk of leaving a career behind is minimised, new expats and spouses are more likely to accept an assignment and eventually sustain our business activities worldwide.
Jannie Skov-hansen

Mobility Consultant, Novo Nordisk A/S

The Spousecare has been an invaluable resource to my family and I in helping us settle in Denmark. They have the perfect balance between being a friend and being professional.
Kirstie Moar, Scotland

They should have those type of services all around the world. It’s wonderful being helped out by proffesionals. It helped me so much in the adjustment of a new country, new habits, new culture. Thank you so much for all your help and effort.
Helena Fiers, Belgium

At IO-Interactive 1/3 of our employees comes from countries outside of Denmark. More than 25 different nationalities is represented at the company. Naturally it is of very high importance to us, that our new foreign colleagues and their families get well settled in Denmark. To ensure that process, we decided years ago, to work in close corporation with Spousecare. Spousecare takes good care of the spouses to our employees and their children. Spousecare helps with all kind of practical issues, such as schooling, insurances and job hunting, but apart from that, they also arrange different cultural and social events, which is very helpful in order for the spouses to establish a network. We have worked with Spousecare for some years now, and the course of that time, we have received a lot of positive feedback about the efforts Spousecare is doing.
Spousecare has become a natural and important  part of the integration of our employees and their families to the Danish society.

Pia Bugge

HR Manager, IO Interactive A/S

DTU afholdt 2. februar 2012 kursus i ”Professional Networking &LinkedIn” for DTU spouses. Kurset var skabt og afholdt af Spousecare ved Anette Pilmark og Sys Vecht, som igennem tre timer fortalte om LinkedIn tilsat personlige erfaringer indenfor området. Kurset gav de 16 DTU spouses et indblik i LinkedIn som et vigtigt værktøj i deres søgen efter arbejde i Danmark. Spousecare’s erfaring indenfor karriererådgivning af netop denne målgruppe, gav de deltagende DTU spouses et spændende blik indenfor LinkedIn, set med en recruiters øjne. Alt i alt et godt kursus, som skaber ideer, fornyet håb og nye job markeder for kursisterne, faktorer der alle er vigtige for at blive en succes i Danmark.
Jesper Berg

International Recruitment Consultant, DTU

Spousecare introduced me to some really wonderful expat friends, which is so helpful when you move to a new country!
As someone pregnant far away from home, Spousecare provided great support for me.

Vân Monnier, USA

Efter fire år i udlandet, hvor jeg ikke havde arbejdet, og 15 år siden mit sidste job interview, var samarbejdet med Spousecare en meget stor hjælp.
Deres vejledning og støtte i min jobsøgningsproces har helt sikkert haft stor betydning for, at jeg fik et job, der passer til mine ønsker og behov.

Anja Haaning

Hjemvendt Spouse

The spousecare team provided a never ending stream of enthusiasm, ideas and support enabling me to embrace the challenges of creating a new life
in a new culture.

Silvio Ruggieri, England

The programme, the newsletter and their counsellor, Sys Vecht, were excellent! The Spousecare Handbook has provided me with the perfect grounding
to settle in Denmark.  It gave me a far greater grasp on how to get the best out of LinkedIn and Job Search’ the ways I learned will be invaluable to me.
Excellent programme and highly recommended!

Pooja Gopaliaa, India

I have been very happy with the Spousecare service and they were always available to help out with any issues that we had.
We could not have settled in Copenhagen as well as we have without Anette and her team.

Jamie Khan, Canada

Despite having a job and a couple of ‘friends of friends’ contacts in CPH when I arrived, Spousecare really helped with understanding not only the practical aspects but also with meeting new people. The support with my work related questions has been invaluable and all the expats I’ve met through Spousecare have been very friendly and helpful.
Charlotte Mann, England

Spousecare is a great way to get introduced to Danish society, work culture, and meet other expat spouses.
Dimple Sharma India

A great service and great people – giving you a head-start in a new country! Well worth the investment. Thank you very much!
Hetty De Jong, Holland

Being a foreigner and new in Denmark, SpouseCare gave me a warm welcome. They provided different activities/events to help me adjust and meet people.
Charmelaine Gador-Kabiling

The assistance provided by Spousecare was integral in helping me successfully find a job in my field within 2 months of their services. The staff all went the extra mile to ensure that my resume was updated for the Danish workforce and that I was well prepared for the interview process.
A special thanks to Bodil and Anette for everything.

Allison Metzak, Canada

Spousecare v. Anette Pilmark, har siden 1. marts 2009 været en stor hjælp i opbygningen af vores internationale netværk for udenlandske forskere og medfølgende ægtefæller/partnere. Vi har benyttet Spousecare til at arrangere events for vores udenlandske forskere og deres familier. Spousecare har været ansvarlig for oplæg og afholdelse af møder i vores spouse netværk, og desuden har Anette Pilmark afholdt invididuelle rådgivningssamtaler med de ægtefæller/partnere, der har haft behov for dette. Spousecares ydelser har været højt værdsat af vores udenlandske spouser, og vi kan varmt anbefale Spousecare til virksomheder og organisationer, der ansætter udenlandske vidensarbejdere, der medbringer familie.

Vi har virkelig værdsat den engagerende og personlige betjening, som Spousecare har givet vores udenlandske forskere og ægtefæller. Spousecare har virkelig gjort en stor forskel for vores medfølgende ægtefæller. Det har været positivt at mærke Spousecare’s engagement i vores medfølgende ægtefællers trivsel her i Danmark.

Vivian Tos Lindgaard

Senior Executive Consultant, University of Copenhagen

When you come to a foreign country you are excited but at the same time have doubts and insecurities about settling down with your family in a new country,  new culture and new people. In my experience Spousecare has not only has been extremely professional but at the same time very warm and friendly support  when you need to really get to know and settle well in Denmark. The Spousecare network is extensive which really helps to develop a social/professional
network of your own. Thank you!

Sateja Bhalekar, India

Prior to moving to Denmark with my husband and two children in January 2010, I remember getting an email from Anette. She welcomed me and said she was looking forward to meeting me and introducing me to Danish culture. Somehow seeing that email made me feel like I was going to be “okay”. After all, I was moving away from everyone I knew so having someone to guide me along and take the time to help me through this transition made it all easier to face. Anette and Spousecare have been a true Godsend.
I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have made it this far without her.

Leigh Unger, Canada

DONG Energy Exploration & Production har siden foråret 2009 brugt Spousecare i forbindelse med ansættelse af udenlandske medarbejdere, og det har været en stor succes. Vores nye medarbejdere udtrykker, at det virkelig hjælper deres integration. og det er samtidig en fornøjelse at se det netværk vores spouser danner på tværs af kulturelle og etniske skel. Spousecare er professionelle og samtidig meget hjælpsomme i stort og småt overfor vores nye familier.
Anita Schellhorn

HR Partner, People & Development, DONG Energy E&P

I have been very happy with the Spousecare service and they were always available to help out with any issues that we had. We could not have settled in Copenhagen as well as we have without Anette and her team.
Sarah Doughty, England

Spousecare helped me to settle into Copenhagen, to find friends and feel part of the community. I did not feel that the Spousecare team were paid professionals, they felt more like friends.
Janet Thompson, England

Spousecare positively influenced my experience in Copenhagen after I arrived. After my first meeting I felt confident and less afraid of this next step in my life. I’ve met new friends, my network has grown, I’ve joined clubs, I have job opportunities and I have a much clearer understanding of Danish culture – all because of Spousecare. Thank you!
Brandy Lebetsamer, USA

Spousecare is a great tool to use when you are new in Denmark – a friendly hand always a phone call away!
Lourdes Klarstaad, Mexico

All I have experienced from Spousecare is professional local expertise and warm support  – they add the colour and spices to your family’s relocation and ensure your moving to Denmark becomes a success story… Thanks!
Yingchen Shi, China

I arrived in Copenhagen knowing only my partner, his family and a few people from my Danish class. I had no work lined up and was having a hard time looking for work especially as I had recently graduated and had little work experience. More challenging still was that I had no work experience working in Denmark.

Just as I was losing my motivation for job hunting, I met Anette at Børsen at a large Expat in Denmark conference. From the beginning, her professional approach, support and confidence in me made me feel confident and welcome to Copenhagen. Spousecare also introduced me to a large friendly international group of friends with whom I was able to share my problems and advice.

I reported to Anette with my progress frequently and she mailed or called me back to offer her support. Anette helped with my applications, distributed my CV with her personal recommendation to her many contacts, and gave me interview preparation tips, introduced the Danish rules regarding tax and other Danish systems.

Now I have landed myself in the perfect job in a European Company which I would have had trouble finding otherwise.

Spousecare has really opened up the real Copenhagen for me and I would keenly urge other spouses to have the same experience. So thank you Spousecare.

Sarah Ruck

I arrived in Copenhagen not knowing how I would integrate the local community, if I could find work and how long it would take for me to find something interesting. Luckily, my husband’s company offered the assistance of Anette, founder of Spousecare. My whole job search was catapulted forward as Anette contacted recruiters for me and introduced me to her extensive network of people. Within a month, I was signing a very interesting employment contract and I know that without Anette’s focus and determination, I would still be looking for work now. What I appreciated most was Anette’s very personal approach that made me feel like my very own needs were met. She was very professional and encouraging and completely devoted to making me feel welcome in Denmark. I would strongly recommend Spousecare’s services to anyone who is serious about making Denmark their new home.
Isabelle Valentine, France/Canada

We were very happy to meet Anette Pilmark through our networks. She understands that it is sometimes hard to match people who have different backgrounds and experience with relevant employment. Without Spousecare, we would have never met Isabelle Valentine who is now our International Account Manager. A very useful service. Thank you.
Allan Sønderskov Darré

Partner & Direktør


Spousecare ApS

E-mail: ap@spousecare.dk
Tlf: +45 22 90 76 82
CVR: 34689873

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